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No tree was harmed with this nail.
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The International Backpacking Association proudly supports and promotes all efforts to restore and protect the Earth.
  • Learn as much as you can about the environment.
  • Read the World Conservation Strategy. 

  • You can find it at most libraries.
  • Think about how your profession and lifestyle effects the environment
  • Respect the planets resources. 
  • Do all you can to protect your own ecosystem.
  • Plant and nurture a tree, Mother Nature will be grateful.

  • The Virtual Library of Ecology and Bio-diversity. 

    Learn all about today's ecology and much more.

    Conservation of ecosystems, landscapes, species, populations, and genetic diversity plus the restoration of ecosystems and habitats; and the 
    management of resources.

    The Center for Ecology and Hydrology is the leading force in research, survey, and monitoring of  terrestrial and freshwater environments. C.E.H. provides information about science, products and data.
    Phot donated by I.B.A.member Richard Warnock
    A non-denominational Christian movement for people concerned about the Environment.

    Ecology has become a global concern, and the effects of humanity on the planet  endanger the delicate balance of the earth's environment.

    "Think low-impact and pack-it-out."

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