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We have found that you usually don't want to spend a great deal of time preparing meals in the backcountry, so keep it simple and light. Remember to plan well and bring the right amount of good food and if you bring your vitamins remember to eat them.

Here is a example of a basic backpacking pantry:

Your basic instant breakfast cereals are best! Both cream of wheat & oatmeal offer great nourishment and makes a terrific healthy style breakfast when enjoyed with a variety of dried fruits such as; apricots, banana chips, apples, and pears.  All you need is hot water, a mug or dish, and a spoon!

When you are hiking and on the move these simple lunches allow you to maximize time while still giving your body what it needs to make that next ridge.

Here are some favorites that will always keep you smiling!

Regular bagels with cream cheese and raisin bagels with a jar of peanut butter, a stick of dried salami with smoked gouda or mozzarella cheese, albacore tuna, rye crisp crackers, instant wonton cup of soups, and bite size carrots.

Always bring lots of jerky, wagu ra chews, trail mix, snack type bars ( granola, power, etc.,) gummi bears, candy, hot cocoa, and tea.

These unique snacks can be found at most health food stores & supermarkets and offer the backpacker just what he or she wants when out having some backpacking fun.

We have found that the trick to backpack dining is to bring foods that you can re- use and are able to interchange with one another. And if you are lucky enough to catch one, you can add a trout to any of these dishes perfectly. 

Flavored instant rice, cous cous, flavored instant noodles, canned chicken breast, top ramen and flavored instant soups, dehydrated or fresh veg. pita bread, or whatever you feel like. you know what I mean.

Example dinner: White wine & garlic chicken breast with cous cous & veggies, topped with chopped roasted cashews.....uumm..uumm...good!

You can always bring the freeze dried dinner stuff as well.

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 " Remember to drink enough water."

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