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Mission Statement:
To be a leading force in promoting, preserving, and protecting backpacking throughout the world.
The International Backpacking Association at is dedicated to helping others understand and enjoy the many benefits the outdoor experience has to offer. We encourage everyone to get outside more and backpack. Our video cameras, still cameras, and  writers  will constantly be working on adding fun & entertaining photos, online videos, screensavers, desktop wallpaper, information, and much more to the website!  Help the International Backpacking Association be the leading force in promoting, preserving, and protecting backpacking throughout the world by becoming an official I.B.A. member. 
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Meet the I.B.A. executives: 
Corky Stanton
Corky Stanton
IBA President
& Webmaster

Hello,  my name is Corky Stanton,  I'm 47 years of age and have lived near Bass Lake, California since 1974.  I started Backpacking at age 11  with my father in the boy scouts and have been a dedicated backpacker ever since.  My grandfather was a Scoutmaster, my dad an Eagle Scout.  In high school and college I took a total of 5 years of photography classes and enjoy taking photos for IBA.  After making carved signs for many years, I cofounded Sierra Internet in Oakhurst, California, an internet service provider for the area. After selling that company to Sierra Telephone, I started doing websites and saw a need for backpackers to get together using the internet to share ideas, photos, meet others and push new legislation that keeps wilderness areas wild. I believe the wilderness is one area that gives a person health and rejuvenation just by being there. 
Jon Peltier
Jon Peltier
IBA Vice President
& Director of Production

Hi, my name is Jon Peltier, I was born in 1968 and was fortunate enough to grow up with the Sierra Nevada Mountain range as my back yard. My Mother Joy Higgins introduced me to backpacking at a very early age and I'm very grateful to her for that. She taught me about outdoor appreciation and how to respect the earth. I have used and will continue to use my learned understanding to help others discover & appreciate the many therapies and splendors that the outdoor experience has to offer. I truly believe that Backpacking is 100% pure therapy and I will do my best to help others discover this. My goal besides climbing and making a documentary of Mount Everest is to have the International Backpacking Association be a place for people to enjoy, learn about, and appreciate all that is naturally beautiful. 
Richard Warnock
Richard Warnock
Education Director

Hi,  my name is Richard Warnock, I was born the year 1933 in Yosemite Valley, Ca. I'm a Backcountry Ranger in the Ansel Adams Wilderness and a certified leave no trace instructor. I provide the International Backpacking Association with staff training, development, and the education of wilderness philosophy, use regulations, resource management, and fire and/or campsite restrictions. I will use my Knowledge of restoration and conservation practices, particularly when related to native plants and severely scared wilderness areas, to help I.B.A. be the leading force in preserving & protecting backpacking throughout the world.
Sam Gallagher
Tech. Support

Hello, my name is Sam, and I was born in 1975 and raised just outside of Yosemite National Park in Oakhurst, California.  I've been an avid computer user since 1983 and have enjoyed backpacking since 1985.  The IBA has given me the perfect opportunity to combine these two hobbies and I'm very excited to be the Technical Support Director.  I look forward to helping everyone enjoy the many benefits the IBA has to offer online.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to drop me a line anytime!
Lindsey Peltier
IBA Member Secretary

Hello, my name is Lindsey, I'm a 22 year old California native and currently in college to study art. My goal is to have my own gallery one day and to hold outdoor painting seminars in the high country. I find it very exciting to work at the I.B.A. headquarters with such a fun staff and I love being a part of the International Backpacking Association. I promise to help keep a great place to belong. You can count on it!

International Backpacking Association
PO Box 1096, Oakhurst, CA 93644 USA 
Shipping: 40059 Hwy. 41, Oakhurst, CA 93644 USA
 Corky Stanton~President & Webmaster:
Jon Peltier~Vice President & Director of Production:
Phone: 559-683-1363 | Fax: 559-421-1909

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