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About Backpacking
Backpacking is an art form. In order to appreciate backpacking you must first be able to understand what it is to be a backpacker.

Backpackers love to be outside and are willing to exert the energy needed to sustain life while in the outdoors. With the proper equipment backpackers are not only able to live outside, but are able to do it very comfortably. Not everyone is physically able or has the opportunity to backpack, so you can say that backpackers are truly fortunate people.
There are different levels of backpacking and as long as you have fun it does not matter if you are a hard core mountaineer or a 2 day stroller. Not all Backpackers are the same. They come in all different 
sizes, ages, shapes, attitudes, and come from all kinds of different places. 
There is something that all backpackers have in common; it is the many different reasons why they backpack.

 A list of reasons:
0. To get away. 
1.  For the exercise. 
2. To see beautiful places. 
3. To challenge yourself. 
4. For the solitude. 
5  For the experience. 
6  To take photographs. 
7. To fish. 
8  To be with nature. 
9. To be somewhere quiet. 
10. To go somewhere new
      and different.
11. To reflect.
12. For the walk.
13. To charge up your spirit.
14. To find yourself.
15. To see the stars.
16. To not think about work.
17. To get in shape.
18. To feel healthy.
19. To use all the expensive. 
      gear you purchased.
20. because you love it!
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